General information

CICADIT (Interdisciplinary Center of Advanced Research on Territorial Dynamics) was founded in 2001 within the University of Bucharest (following the Rector's Decision no. 1883/Aug. 31, 2001) with a view to promoting high-level research in the analysis of territorial phenomena; CNCSIS accredited it (certificate no. 27, Bucharest, Sept. 19, 2006) five years later (according to the Romanian law). The Center already acquired about 30 contracts and research grants, published numerous books and scientific papers, but also journals and proceedings of national and international conferences. 

20 PhD candidates (three of whom from Moldova, Iran and Egypt) are working within the Center, that supports also the activities of some other PhD candidates from abroad (4 in France, 2 in Germany, 1 in Italy).

Referring to our international cooperation, we have multiannual partnerships with the Carta Laboratory of the University of Angers (with which we organize every year the international conferences Initiative entrepreneuriale et developpement regional) and with the University of Postdam.

The cooperation relationships have extended to research centers in some other universities abroad: University of Brest, Lusofona University of Lisabona, University of Klagenfurt, University of Tubigen, Shippensburg University, University of Nice.