Main mission of CICADIT is to produce original knowledge through academic and applied research in the field of territorial development. Thus, we contribute to the involvement of geography within the general problems of development, and we promote the internal and international visibility of the University of Bucharest. 

As a subsidiary, CICADIT focused on a systematic approach of the research made on territorial systems; on the theoretical and methodological research referring to different territorial relations; and to develop specific methods to assess the territorial structuring process. 

The research area considers actions in finding the mechanisms that explain the extremely complex territorial dynamics, the communities' space insertion, and the individualization of some particular organization space models. An important research field includes scientific analysis on finding the practical valences of territorial nano- and microstructures, on territorial systems' dynamics and management, on differentiated development at local and regional level, on territorial disparities alleviation and elimination. 

CICADIT research activity is based on the Research, Development and Innovation National Strategy priorities, with a focus on socio-economic research: demography, migration, working resources, ethnical structures, electoral behavior, dynamics and territorial economic structures, land use, industrial restructuring, tertiary sector dynamics, urban and rural development, regional and local development and tourist activities analysis. Research includes also environment diversity and quality studies, and prognoses on long-term territorial development. At the same time, due to the complexity of the research themes and interests, we referr to some aspects belonging to other research fields, as health and security.

As a research center, one of its main objectives is the dissemination of results acquired through fundamental and applied research. Thus, we have published about 10 volumes (one of them abroad) and more than 100 papers (13 of which abroad, as chapters in volumes edited by famous publishing houses or as papers in journals). Based on these studies, we have applied for grants and we have taken part in bids for the financial support of our research activity.